Most writings about Alphons Ariëns issued in the thirties and fifties. The Ariëns Committee is also active in publishing and Devotional prayer cards printed. There are also candles with portrait and the text "Alphons Ariëns".

Since October 2015 there is a new Ariëns Folder in use.

The 2001 commemoration the Ariëns Committee has unveiled a new painting, made by the young painter Harm Goslink Kuiper. This life-portrait is on display in the museum De Welle Twente in Enschede. A copy of it hangs in rotation with other paintings of Ariëns in the Ariëns chapel in Enschede.

To the person Alphons Ariëns to make alive for younger generations, the board has an educational package for primary schools have developed, which will be devoted primarily to schools, diegenoemd have to Alphons Ariëns. It consists of a course book for the teacher, a curriculum for students and a CD-ROM with video and film material. A similar project is planned for secondary education. The curriculum is called "The Golden Chalice".

The program includes writing a new contemporary biography. The board is working on a new audio-visual presentation, including use on the Ariëns Chapel.

As an example, an article written by John Hinke called 'What did Alphons Ariëns after his Enschedese period ", which you can download it here as pdf.

(Source: Inschrien 2014)

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