If you chaplain Ariëns would ask what he at this time in Twente took the most pressing social issue, he would not hesitate to enumerate the wake of the fireworks disaster in Enschede in May 2000. People have lost family and friends, their house, their history, their place where they are at home. The pastor at the chaplain would legs will carry him, running to visit them all. And he would move heaven and earth to form a self-organization, which should make up given to the social emergency aid.

Ariëns chaplain has approached in his fifteen years in Enschede everyday world of his time with a lot of work. He drags the whole day. One sees the chaplain to go home visits, talking to people on the street, on a scaffold in a factory office, at a meeting in the church and sometimes in the parsonage and always trotting through the streets. Ariëns has, as we now call "busy, busy and a further pressure". In the evenings there are always meetings. And he closes the day by reading newspaper after newspaper, magazine after brochure rapidly. He writes a lot, always under time pressure, "because he is most creative." In that letter he leafs in his textbooks. With the busy pastoral and social practice, the chaplain answer to the social issues of his time, which he daily sees around him. Long working days in bad factories with dangerous machinery. Women and children. Low wages. Simple houses without water and sewerage. Everywhere stench and diseases. Few social ties and too much drinking.

The priest Ariëns invented in his time the social face of the Roman Catholic church in the Netherlands in practice. He is the first apostle labor or labor pastor. He is infected with a disease-organization. People need to stand up for their own interests and they do so to establish the best through their own organizations. When people get paid well, if the conditions of work are decent, as people live well, if they can participate in humane community activities in their spare time, if there is no concern about food and tomorrow, when the beverage devil is overcome, then people are also able to be mature faithful. Faith is the bond of all these threads between people with the covenant of God, and its history. By building the human community, Ariëns building for the church community.

Under this practice, and after talking to his people, he warned an analysis of the economic relations and the capitalist system is not. Based on that personal analyzes he would now go with the designation of the negative effects of globalization and the new social question of this century.